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Sex Vibrators in Kenya

Vibrators in Nairobi come in all shapes and sizes, and you are guaranteed to find a long-lasting and powerful vibrator at Eros Kenya

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Vibrators in Nairobi, Kenya come in all shapes, materials, and sizes. The best models of vibrators for sale have a lot of unique aspects that make them appeal to pretty much everybody.

Discreet Packaging and Fast Delivery

Our Client's discretion is our top priority. We do not disclose the contents of your package at any point. Our items are well sealed in opaque (can't see through) bags and don't have any product labels. Once an order is confirmed, we dispatch the package as soon as possible and customers within Nairobi receive their goods in 2 hours. Payment is made on delivery before our rider sets back.

Adult Toys in Kenya

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Types of Vibrators

Bullet Vibrators and Egg Vibrators

These two are particularly silent vibrators that can be used discreetly. Despite their miniature size, the bullet vibrators and egg vibrators pack a lot of power. Most of them are powered by batteries while some of the recent ones are charged using USB cables. These toys are easy to operate thus are perfect for ladies and couples who are first-time purchasers or even individuals who need a bit of something to carry out on a trip or alongside their makeup. The egg vibrators are mostly designed for clitoral stimulation. Some of them are insertable and come with remote control. You can take the power into your hands or for the more exhilarating experience; let your partner control it in you. You can purchase egg vibrators in Kenya from us. Bullet vibrators, on the other hand, are inserted into the vagina after switching them on. Multiple orgasms are guaranteed. At Eros Kenya, we stock the best Bullet Vibrators in Kenya.

Rabbit Vibrators

The rabbit vibrator draws its name from the two "ears" that jut from its shaft. These ears stimulate the clitoris while the shaft enters the vagina to hit the G-spot. You can call it the perfect multitasker. Some even have a butt plug connection. This part penetrates the anus while the shaft is in the vagina. Because of its different stimulation levels at diverse points, it's considered one of the most advanced sex toys for women. Most rabbit vibrators have various methods of speed, vibration levels, and throb, so you can always start slow and build up as you get used to the feeling. The beauty of it is when you're not feeling up to penetration you can use the clit stimulator to make your day. Eros Kenya brings you beautiful, powerful, and the most functional rabbit vibrators in Kenya. Get them today and enjoy.

G-Spot Vibrators

These types of toys have a curved stature that is strategic to hit the G-spot and cause intense orgasms. This is the area on the top part of the inside vagina that is full of nerve endings. Using enough lube or after some foreplay, insert it into your hot area targeting the top section, and turn it on. You should feel immense stimulation and pleasure that will surely make you climax. Some G-spot vibrators are studded with bumps for extra pleasure. Shop for G-spot Vibrators in Kenya here.

What to look for when buying a vibrator

High-Quality Material

Search for something non-porous, safe for use, and easy to clean. Silicone ticks all three boxes, however, it can't be used hand in hand with silicone lubes as this will degrade the toy. In case you love silicone lubricants especially since they don't dry out during long sessions, go for good hard plastic, glass, or stainless steel adult toys.  When using Adult toys made of permeable substances, for example, thermoplastic elastic (TPR), PVC, latex, or jelly use a condom to prolong their lives. Water-based lubricants are best for these toys.

Customizable Settings

For more value for your money, get toys that have different rates of vibrations or speeds to suit all moods as well as match your experience as you grow into them. This variety allows you to undoubtedly purchase a new toy acknowledging that it will serve you for a while without you tossing it out because you no longer enjoy it.


In a judgemental society, especially the likes of the ones we live in, discretion is paramount. In this case, one should opt for silent or whisper-quiet vibrators especially when sharing a room. Generally, bullet ones are more silent compared to rabbit ones. Very few power toys are completely silent, so you opt for the low sound models which are fairly priced compared to the silent ones and mask the little noise they produce. Eros Kenya stocks both low sound and silent vibrators in Kenya.

Water Resistance

Opt for a waterproof model if you enjoy using the vibrators in water, be it your private swimming pool or shower. Before using in the bath or swimming pool ensure that the vibrator is submersible as very few are. This means that the battery or power system of the model is securely sealed to prevent water from getting in even at high-pressure levels. Most submersible vibrators can generally be used only up to a depth of 3 feet. Silicone Lubricants are best to use with waterproof vibrators in baths and showers.  

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