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Welcome to Eros Kenya, your ultimate destination for premium sex toys in Nairobi. As the leading shop for sex toys in Kenya, we offer a diverse selection of adult products to cater to all your desires. Explore our range of pleasure toys at unbeatable prices. From classic favorites to luxury options, we have everything you need for a fulfilling intimate experience. Shop with confidence – all our products are brand new and in perfect working condition. Order online or call us at 0707471188 today for discreet and convenient shopping. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Sex Toys in Kenya:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Sex Toys in Kenya

  • What are sex toys, and are they legal in Kenya?

    Sex toys are devices designed to enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy. In Kenya, the legality of sex toys varies depending on the intended use of the products. The sale and use of sex toys among adults are generally accepted unless it causes any public disturbance, breach of public morality, or involvement of minors.

  • Where can one buy authentic sex toys in Kenya?

    For a wide selection of authentic and high-quality sex toys in Kenya, visit Eros Kenya. They offer a discreet and reliable platform to explore various adult products, ensuring a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.

  • Are sex toys safe to use?

    Generally Yes. Eros Kenya takes safety seriously and offers only top-quality products from reputable brands. Their products are made of body-safe materials and are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet health and safety standards.

  • Can one have sex toys delivered discreetly in Kenya?

    Absolutely! Eros Kenya values your privacy. They offer discreet packaging and delivery services to ensure your orders are delivered without any explicit labels or branding that could compromise your privacy.

  • Are sex toys only for single individuals in Kenya?

    Not at all. Sex toys can be enjoyed by individuals in various relationship statuses. Whether you are single, married, or in a relationship, sex toys can add excitement and variety to your intimate experiences.

  • Are there sex toys suitable for beginners?

    Yes, at Eros Kenya one gets a range of products suitable for beginners. They have user-friendly and non-intimidating options, including vibrators, lubricants, and massage oils, perfect for those new to using sex toys. You have to be of legal age to purchase sex toys.

  • How do I choose the right sex toy for me?

    Once you identify a reputable sex shop like Eros Kenya, you will be guided effectively. They provide detailed product descriptions and user reviews to help you make an informed decision. Additionally, they offer customer support to answer any specific questions you may have, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your desires.

  • Do sex toys come with instructions for use?

    Yes, all sex toys sold at Eros Kenya come with clear instructions for use and maintenance. This may be offered via a leaflet inside the product’s packaging or information on the product page in the website. It’s essential to read and follow these instructions to ensure safe and optimal use of the products.

  • What payment options are available at Eros Kenya?

    Eros Kenya offers a range of secure payment options, including credit/debit cards, mobile money, and other online payment methods, making it convenient and safe for customers to purchase their desired products.

  • Is my personal information safe when shopping at Eros Kenya?

    Yes, Eros Kenya prioritizes the privacy and security of their customers. They use advanced encryption technology to protect your personal information, ensuring it remains confidential and secure during the entire shopping process.

  • What if I have issues with my order or need assistance?

    If you encounter any issues with your order or require assistance, Eros Kenya’s customer support team is readily available to help. You can contact them through various channels, such as email, phone, or whatsapp.

Welcome to Eros Kenya, the leading online store for premium sex toys in Kenya. We take pride in offering a diverse selection of adult products, including male sex toys, vibrators, dildos, adult games, kegel balls, butt plugs, condoms, lubes, and more.

We are committed to serving you in the best way possible. Discreet packaging, Free delivery in Nairobi CBD, and Payment on delivery make us the top choice for anyone looking to elevate their pleasure and intimacy.

Unleash your desires, embrace your sensuality, and let Eros Kenya be your ultimate pleasure destination.

Kegel Balls:

Your intimate health is as important to us as your pleasure. Explore our range of Kegel balls, designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, improve bladder control, and enhance sensitivity for both partners. These discreet and body-safe pleasure balls offer a variety of sizes and weights, making them suitable for all levels of experience. Take control of your intimate wellness and pleasure with Eros Kenya's carefully chosen Kegel balls.

Butt Plugs:

Dive into the realm of intense pleasure with our exquisite butt plugs. Designed for beginners and experienced users alike, these pleasure devices open up new avenues of sensual exploration. With various shapes and sizes, our butt plugs ensure a comfortable fit and deliver gratifying sensations. Add an exciting twist to your intimate play with our premium butt plugs, all available at Eros Kenya.

Condoms and Water based Lubricants:

We prioritize your safety and satisfaction, which is why we offer a wide selection of condoms and lubricants from trusted brands. Stay protected while indulging in passionate encounters with our premium condoms. Enhance comfort and pleasure with our high-quality lubricants, designed to reduce friction and heighten your intimate experiences.

Explore a World of Sensuality:

At Eros Kenya, we understand that everyone's desires are unique. That's why our extensive collection caters to all preferences and fantasies. Whether you're looking to add some spice to your solo adventures or share intimate moments with a partner, our sex toys are designed to ignite your passion and satisfaction. From sleek vibrators to tantalizing adult games, and everything in between, we have the perfect products for you.

Premium Quality Guaranteed:

We believe in offering only the highest quality products to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for our customers. Our sex toys are made from body-safe materials, ensuring your health and pleasure are never compromised. When you shop at Eros Kenya, you can be confident that you're investing in pleasure products that are durable, reliable, and designed to deliver maximum satisfaction.

Discreet Shopping - Your Privacy Matters:

At Eros Kenya, we respect your privacy and understand the importance of discreet shopping. Our packaging is discreet, with no external markings that could reveal the contents. Your order will arrive securely and privately, allowing you to explore your desires with complete peace of mind. With Eros Kenya, your satisfaction and privacy are our top priorities.

Free Delivery in Nairobi CBD:

To make your shopping experience even more enjoyable, we offer free delivery in Nairobi CBD. No matter where you are within the city, our team will ensure timely delivery to you. Now you can skip the trip to physical stores and conveniently shop for sex toys from the comfort of your home. Embrace the pleasure and excitement that awaits you at Eros Kenya.

Payment on Delivery in Nairobi - Hassle-Free Shopping:

We understand that some customers prefer to pay on delivery to ensure a worry-free shopping experience. At Eros Kenya, we offer payment on delivery, so you can review your order and ensure complete satisfaction before making the payment. This convenience sets us apart, ensuring you have a smooth and risk-free purchase process.

Customer Support - Your Pleasure is Our Priority:

Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have. From product recommendations to usage guidance, we are here to help you make informed decisions and discover the perfect pleasure products that suit your needs.

Unlock a world of pleasure and intimacy with the finest sex toys in Kenya, exclusively available at Eros Kenya. With free delivery available, the path to pleasure has never been more accessible. Shop now and embark on an extraordinary journey of passion and pleasure!

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