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Sex cuffs allow you to achieve a unique kind of restraint and power in all the right ways. You can submit to your partner and give him dominance over you by using sex cuffs. New highs can be realized through the use of these restraints. Gift yourself or your lover this kinky toys and up the bedroom game. They are easy and safe to use since they have been specifically designed to ensure an ultimate sexual experience.

Benefits of Sex Cuffs

Allows different sex positions

Cuffs can be used in a lot of sex positions. They can also be used to maintain specific preferred styles and keep your partner from breaking free as you give them a great time. The cuffs can be used with other restraints, such as spreader bars from 'Fifty shades' scenes. Your partner will squirm with utmost pleasure after multiple orgasms. The cuffs are available in diverse designs and materials to suit your unique kinkiness.

Enhances Dominance or Submissiveness

Some people find it hard to play submissive or dominant roles. One partner may be stubborn and needs some restraint to stay still and get it till they reach a strong climax. You can let her ride to her satisfaction if she can handcuff you or vice versa. The cuffs are comfortable and easy to use. You can count on them to serve you to your satisfaction.

What to check on before buying sex cuffs in Kenya

You can check out several aspects, but here are some of the few important things to confirm just before you decide. Eros Kenya has taken time to select the best sex cuffs to recommend to you. Here are some factors to consider before purchase:

High-quality material

The handcuffs are made out of high-quality leather or silicon that has been designed and tested for safety and comfort. They will not cause any harm such as bruising of any kind. Your lovemaking decision should be safe. The different handcuffs available at our store are of the topmost quality.

Adjustable tightness

You can adjust the handcuffs to fit your lover perfectly. Many people who apply them are keen to achieve a tight but safe restraint. The cuffs are designed to allow you to enjoy different sex positions at different tightness levels to accommodate different hand girths.

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